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  • 1 Onwards

    With half a decade's worth of experience, the company continues to serve as a reliable service provider in the lead generation game. Delivering over 300,000 quality leads, spanning across North America, Canada and Asia and aiding in the transformation of customers into lifelong customers.

    Its continued commitment to promoting a positive employee centeric culture has resulted in attracting and retaining high performing employees, increase in productivity and continued overall success.

  • 2 2020

    Despite the pandemic ravaging the world, Accentline worked side by side with its clients to ensure their businesses remained operational while creating safety measures for employees to continue providing for their families.

  • 3 2019

    The Philippine Center Call Center Credit Cooperative (PCCCC) was created for Accentline employees to realize the value of saving for the future and avail of a credit facility with the lowest interest rate possible. The PCCCC is a registered organization with the Philippine Cooperative Development Authority.

    The company partners with an HMO company to provide free health care insurance to its employees

  • 4 2018

    The English teaching division was established as a response to the growing problems experienced by Asian ESL companies with home based tutors. Company opens its doors to countries in China, Korea and Japan.

  • 5 2017

    Looking for proactive ways to stand out against the heavy competition, Accentline finds its niche in the Insurance industry. By focusing on delivering quality service, empowering staff and building a strategic process of securing potential customers, the company begins to grow.

    Accentline achieved a new milestone when it reached one hundred full time employees.

  • 6 2016

    The company enters the leads generation game. With the booming need for tele-marketers and increasing demand for warm prospects, Accentline began to cater to a variety of industries across North America such as Solar, Debt Loan, Reverse Mortgage, Real Estate and Merchant Cash Advance.  

  • 7 2015

    Accentline was created as the preferable alternative to regular outsourcing, it positioned itself as an operationally efficient option for small and medium companies in need of cost saving measures. Cable TV providers were one of its earliest clients thanks to a mix of both good customer referrals and marketing techniques.  

We give a voice to peoples and businesses.

~ Accentline Mission

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Leads Generation

Our system of attracting potential and qualified customers into billable prospects continues to be our most attractive asset. For over 5 years, we've developed a process with clients on attracting, converting, closing and delighting prospects. From hot transfers to appointment settings, we've got the reliable data and winning team to give the competitive edge your business deserves.

Back Office Support

Managing a business with costly overhead expenses during the pandemic is just too much. Setting up your virtual work office with us means lessening the cost of expenditure and retaining valuable personnel. Settlements, record maintenance, data entry and IT services are just some of the things we do. The hourly rate not only includes your virtual assistant and work station, you no longer have to spend on rental or electricity fees.

Online ESL Teachers

Created as a response to the growing problems experienced by ESL companies with home based tutors. Our office based teaching services are catered towards developing a professional virtual classroom for educators that love teaching English but are unable to afford the cost of expensive internet connections. Our carefully rigid selection process of recruiting potential applicants and transforming them into confident teachers continues to encourage and motivate others to join our growing company. The academy comes complete with premium connections, upgraded facilities, 24/7 stand-by generator and comfortable teaching environment has become a preferred option for teachers that need a stable job.

  • Online English conversation school program
  • Online English conversation BPO(Business Process Outsourcing) Service
  • Overseas short study program
  • Overseas short study BPO Service



Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.

~ Winston S. Churchill

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Smart Outsourcing

Smart Outsourcing is Accentline's strategic approach that aligns our resources and services with your company's business objectives resulting in a long and stable relationship. Risk Management, work efficiency, cost saving and resource allocation are four aspects that our approach aims to achieve, a move that could greatly benefit your company despite the pandemic.

The smarter choice has never been this easy.

Your Virtual Office

With a higher level of flexibility and lower cost saving structure, the virtual office program serves as the Covid-19 business remedy to getting your business back. Together, this is how we overcome those hurdles:

Managing Risk

With the numerous changes in laws and policies for businesses to reopen, revenue is greatly affected when establishing safety measures and compliance with state approved regulations requires time and energy. Let us worry about about staff acquisition and employee retention.

Resource Allocation

Overseeing costs, retaining valuable employees and recalling staff can be taxing when belt tightening is taken to ensure financial goals are met. As your business partner, we understand this and are ready to take on the challenge of temporarily filling the vacancies in order for your business to survive.

The goal is not to take away jobs, simply to provide the tools and services needed to get everyone back.

Work efficiency

Selecting the right person is far from ensuring work efficiency isn't compromised, this requires ample training, management oversight, deliverable of objectives, daily reporting and customer feedback. Working with us, means adjusting our virtual office to the specifications and quality you require.

Cost savings

Despite the furloughs and layoffs, the financial burden of strategic cuts is still considered a top priority during the pandemic. Minimizing overhead expenses while meeting critical needs will be a major issue without our smart outsourcing solution.

We understand the impact that the crisis has made and are willing to take on the challenge of giving the advantage your business needs to put you ahead of your competition.

Mission & Vision

Our Inspiration

We give a voice to peoples and businesses.

Our Aspiration

A globally competitive Accentline serving markets through empowered local talents.

Core Values


We keep our feet on solid ground while keeping in sight our goals in the horizon. Success, for us, is not just achieving set targets but letting our clients experience the due care in the delivery of our services to hit their goals.


We are what we speak. Our company ethics is centered on the premise that doing the right thing is always right at any phase of business transactions.


We make things simple and clear. Our businesses processes are simplified and implemented to assist our clients in growing and innovating their companies with us.

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It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation.

~ Herman Melville

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A progressive compensation and benefits package.
A quarterly incentive plan for performance.
Two (2) days off in a week.
10% night differential.
Vacation leave incentives upon placement regularization.
Free-flowing coffee
Access to Credit Cooperative (PCCCC) upon regularization.