Telemarketing for Beginners (Part 2)

Is Telemarketing right for you?

In the first article we discussed in length the basics of telemarketing, reasons why working in a call center should be your starting point and how planning and preparing can make all the difference in your work. This follow up article will help you decide if telemarketing is right for you and what to always look out for.

Get used to Rejection

When jilted in love, one's day is easily ruined. Try being rejected multiple times on a daily basis. Welcome to the world of telemarketing where getting the cold shoulder and hearing "NO" is part of the job description. You'll meet gatekeepers trained in the art of hanging up, customers that just want to vent steam and annoying folks that simply wish to waste your time.

Patience will be another virtue to cultivate. Saying thank you amidst the barrage of insults without being upset requires a great deal of stoicism and experience. Observe top performers how they calmly roll with the punches, maneuver the most irate clients like they would an intricate dance and still end their day like they just arrived from work. Consider the latin maxim, "Tu Fui, Ego Eris," roughly translating, "What you are, I was; what I am, you will be." Once upon a time, they too were just like you.

Constant practice and learning outside of work is highly encouraged, this helps strengthen your communication skills while gathering best practices not covered by your training, the effort can shed new light on unresolved issues. Just don't be frustrated if things aren't going your way, just hang in there and learn from the best.

Do Not Call Registry

There is a scene in the movie "Jaws", where the mayor refuses to heed the warning of an aggressive shark prowling the area and still orders the beaches to remain open. What transpires after is a catastrophe of epic proportions as more and more revelers are mauled by the terror.

The "Do Not Call Registry" is the unrelenting shark, it contains names and numbers of those that have expressed written consent not to be solicited or contacted, call any of those numbers and your client ends up settling a hefty fine. A fine that may be large enough to put him out of commission.

Before making a call, know who is on the receiving end and what are the rules established by the Federal Communications Commissions (FCC). There are just so many dos and don'ts when working as a telemarketer, securing the advice of a legal counsel with expertise in that field is necessary. The FCC penalizes businesses that employ telemarketers a fine of no less than $40,000 per call, imagine making a call seven times to the same client.

What to Expect

Telemarketing is a worthwhile career path for those that enjoy connecting with strangers but don't want long conversations. As long as you stick to a script, master your communication skill, prepare for the best and always remain hopeful, you'll be fine.

If you want to learn more about how you can be a telemarketer, drop us a line and we'll talk.

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