Jolan Muyuela

Human Resources Training Officer

Jolan Muyuela, Human Resources Training Officer

Most of the stories contained in this section showcase a great deal on the struggles and hardships endured by individuals prior to their employment at Accentline. What makes Jolan's story quite uplifting is perhaps the remarkable transformation he accomplishes following his tenure with the company. From an overbearing devil-may-care personality to an exemplary force of change, Jolan continues to prove that when you change yourself, you change the world.

Jolan entered the company with an exceptional career in closing transfers from a previous company, it gave him the huge advantage needed to elevate himself from his peers. The confidence and ability to influence cold calls into potential prospects would become a winning combination in his prominence as top performer. What was lacking however was a connection to find a deeper sense of purpose, without it his self indulging impulses would inhibit him from truly progressing.

Like most start up companies, lack of competent managers resulted in struggling campaigns and lackluster performances, this made it relatively easy for those that excelled to simply coast on their successes. Jolan couldn't simply look away, he understood that poorly motivated personnel originated from lack of live monitorings and proper mentoring. He became a de facto manager for those that needed guidance, taking time to coach and deliver tips that could enhance their skill set. His exemplary work in inspiring others would merit him a position in the human resources division.

Starting off as a recruitment officer, he continued to exhibit resilience and patience in encouraging others to sign on. He deeply believed that every person had talent that simply needed coaxing, this he exuded by placing an unbiased approach when selecting talent with the goal of not only securing one's participation but personal commitment to change.

When a vacancy opened for the role of Training Officer, it would not take long for management to agree that no one fitted the role perfectly than him. Still refusing to rest on his laurels he raised the bar by creating engaging scenarios that empowered trainees to memorize pages of scripts and perform rebuttals while under pressure. His days as a top performer would play a tremendous role during simulation calls and exercises, as he'd convert fears into advantages and situations into opportunities.

To this day he continues to passionately serve as the company's sole trainer for all things Accentline, merely chalking it all up to becoming the change you want to attract the results you seek.

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