Advantages of the Night Shift

The Perks of being a Daydreamer

The idea of working at nights can be pretty scary for novices, there's that challenge of recalibrating your sleeping hours, missing out on day time activities and having enough quality family time. It all boils down to the question 'Can one truly balance their work and personal life  while working the graveyard shift?' 

Convenience of doing errands  

Working day shifts can be a bummer especially when you've got that long list of tasks to accomplish. There's picking up the laundry, shopping for groceries, dropping the kids to school, paying bills and processing applications all during the rush hour traffic. Long queue of lines at every stop congested by customers, shoppers and workers who after work cram errands just before heading home.  

Working the night shift offers a luxurious amount of time for getting things done. While everyones' grinding at the office, you avoid rush hour and lengthy line waits, all thanks to the freedom of not having to be confined to limited time constraints. The convenience of achieving personal missions without being harried or taking up precious vacation leaves is a benefit in itself. 

Accessibility in Commuting

Whether you're commuting or driving to work, there's always that long bottleneck of traffic congestion waiting to complete your day. Despite taking alternate routes or reporting for work too early, there's no denying precious personal time is always wasted just to arrive in a timely fashion. 

It's different at night, while you're off to work, everyone's headed home. When you're going home, they're commuting to work. Taking the opposite way makes one's travel more easier and smoother, it even results in less stressful scenarios that can easily ruin one's day. Best of all, one no longer has to wake up too early or appear harassed when reporting for work. 

Sleep all day

Working the night shift is practically the dream job of millennials. On average they sleep past 2AM and get out of bed around lunch time. The reason behind this is the increased productivity people experience at night when focusing on a specific task.  While everyone's fast asleep, dedicating time to side jobs and beating deadlines comes with relative ease when interruptions and daytime distractions are significantly reduced. The weekend at night is greatly considered the perfect time for both extroverts and introverts, for the former it's the right moment to socialize and party, while for the latter more alone time for contemplation.

Night Perks

When you work the night shift expect to get a lot of support from the average person. To the uninformed, the disadvantages of working nights can vastly influence their perception. You'll hear constant reminders of getting enough sleep, finding regular daytime work and taking better care of your health. It's just human nature for people to be more understanding towards those that have it hard. Even bosses can be more forgiving and lenient when mistakes are committed. 

Working at nights is considered in most countries as an unusual work condition that requires extra special pay. The night differential pay is applied to ensure that those that do not adhere to the regular work hours are compensated for their sacrifice. In short, you get paid extra for simply doing regular work. 

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