Tips for Starting a Career in the BPO Industry

Lessons from an HR Officer

Making it in the BPO world can be a tough challenge, as it not only requires maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but having strong determination, and wellness of mind. Everyone will have their own set of experiences when it comes to working the graveyard shift, some will have trouble adjusting their sleep cycle resulting in body clock issues, others will encounter discrimination for not having a good accent or perhaps might find the culture quite intimidating.

We've compiled some worthwhile practices and helpful tips to assist those planning to start a career in the call center industry.

Tip # 1: Body Clock Issues

According to an article entitled 'Sleep Drive and Your Body Clock' from the sleepfoundation organization, everyone experiences different levels of sleepiness and alertness throughout the day. It also states that when a person has been awake for a long period of time, the sleep/wake homeostasis acts as a reminder that sleep is needed for the body to recuperate. However this can be difficult if your body has not yet adapted to the changes in the new environment. It all depends on how a person manages his sleep as it can take weeks, a month or more for some to completely adjust their body clock.

It is suggested that regular exercise before sleep helps in promoting melatonin production. Melatonin is a hormone primarily released by the pineal gland that regulates the sleep-wake cycle. Experienced personnel and food experts recommend a healthy dietary regimen as key to sleeping better which includes warm milk, yogurt, grapes, eggs etc. In addition, these types of nourishment offer a calming effect that is necessary for adequate sleep

Tip # 2: The Work Environment

Understanding the work environment can help a person take the necessary steps in order to properly adjust to the BPO's specific conditions. Talk to those with working experience, allow them to share stories on how they managed to survive their early days. These veterans were once novices, they too shared your fears and learning from them can give the leverage needed to build a lasting career.

English is hard enough not being our first language, yet discrimination in the workplace is not uncommon for those that have trouble phrasing words or have developed rough accents. Try changing your habits, begin by replacing television programs that converse in the local dialect with english speaking dialogue. Chances of emulating the right accent can be greatly influenced by the cable shows and online coverages we immerse ourselves in. While diversity is encouraged, focusing on a particular show can help develop tonality and place emphasis on the right intonation.

Constant practice by repeating key phrases or rehearsing lines from a script helps on how words are pronounced correctly. Always have a dictionary next to you in case of unfamiliar words, learning the meaning of certain terms can make a difference when attempting to communicate articulately.

Tip # 3: Believe in Yourself

The most important thing is having confidence in yourself. Believe that with hardwork and constant practice you can prove yourself worthy of not only making it in the industry but working your way to a higher position. Your attitude and perseverance are important factors to invest in, as without it all your skills and knowledge would be pointless.

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