How to Handle Stress

Tips for a Healthier Mindset

Stress comes in all forms and shapes, it affects our physical health and mental mindset, and if unchecked could spiral into depression and health problems. The rigors of our daily work already offer challenges that test our capacity, these factors are further exacerbated when our personal problems and relationships contribute to the mix.

Every individual defines stress uniquely as we all react differently to various scenarios, what could be a challenge to others might appear a looming obstacle for some. So how do we deal with something invisible, something that slithers its way and corrodes into our state of mind? How do we protect ourselves from reaching breaking point?

It's Not the World's End

When problems arise they have a way of securing your full attention, they can hammer into your thoughts directly, repeatedly replaying insurmountable obstacles and the consequences of your failure. It can come in the form of a sales quota, downsizing, management toxicity or even reorganization, these scenarios set us on the crossroads of 'fight or flight' response which for some could mean the final chapter of their careers.

Remaining positive is important, it helps us realize things aren't so bad once we begin seeing things from the other side of the coin. Having an optimistic outlook is the first step in letting fresh air in, it reframes one's attitude to better see the bigger picture instead of focusing on a single problem.

Rest assured, the fate of the world does not rest on the actions of a single company.

Healthy Lifestyle

Work and Life balance can be likened to a marathon, it requires maintaining the right dietary intake, exercising regularly and mental preparedness. What we eat affects our mood and overall stability, habitual consumption of fatty and sugary substances result in high cortisol and insulin levels that inhibit the brain from combating stress. Without the right nutrients we deprive ourselves from the attaining the necessary supplements needed to overcome the day.

Regular exercise releases endorphins that arms us with tools needed to protect our mental fitness, it improves concentration, reduces fatigue and boosts our stress response. Fitness exercises and having a work out regimen helps in promoting melatonin production and ensuring we get adequate sleep.

Other activities like meditation, deep breathing and yoga not only supplies our bodies with the much needed endorphins they increase our self esteem and can stimulate anti-anxiety effects.

Distractions Matter

Solutions are the result of deep reflection and patience, they are not timed nor expected from an Amazon delivery van. Those that fail to understand the value of life outside of work tend to be the most wound up, these are individuals who pride themselves on working overtime and returning home late on a daily basis. Take time to focus on your interests, whether it's spending quality family time or reading a book under a coconut tree, these are the moments that can unclog your brain and usher in insightful ideas.

Ask Help Always

Not all problems can be resolved instantaneously and some have long term repercussions that can have a lasting damage on our lives. While talking to trusted friends is the most convenient way of expressing our deeply rooted issues, seeking professional help is highly advised. There are healthy ways to combat stress and health professionals trained in stress management can provide you with the tools for dealing with stress.

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