Balancing Work and School

Finding Equilibrium in your Life

Managing career, family and school is an uphill battle, the odds of accomplishing all three requires unrelenting determination, time management and the financial capacity, anything less results in the entire plan falling apart. Yet this feat is not impossible as many college students face this scenario and still manage to find equilibrium in fulfilling all their objectives.

In this article we break down some of the tips they use to help balance your life.

Time Management and Priorities

When facing a daunting schedule and everything screams priorities, try taking a step back and truly break them down. Utilize the "Eisenhower Urgent/Important Principle, " which classifies your objectives into four categories: "Important and urgent", "Important but not Urgent", "Not Important but Urgent", and "Not Important and Not Urgent." Utilizing this model helps identify the state of your deliverables into priorities, essentials and distractions.

Understand that not all activities are on par with each other, some take precedence over others, there are tasks that require longer hours, others require a certain time to complete and some well, sad to say are just obstacles you need to distance yourself from. By categorizing activities, you create both a tool for assessing the importance of the task and a plan on how to achieve them all. Proper scheduling allows one to become more proactive in handling the right activity for the right time.

Meet with your Superior

There will be days when some of your activities are destined to overlap with each other. There will be times school will require taking a leave from work. Last thing you need is a stained work record filled with absences, tardiness and discrepancies. While work and school must be separate, your manager has a right to know, his evaluation and support could be an added boost in achieving your goals.

Meeting with your superior, helps clarify things and places you in a better perspective. They can be more tolerant and understanding of your plight and find ways to help you succeed. There might be an opening somewhere in the company that he'd recommend upon completion of your degree. Some companies even offer scholarship programs to workers, should you qualify it can help lighten your financial burden.

Remote Work and Learning

Consider the time you spend traveling from work to school to home, depending on the location, accessibility and traffic congestion, these factors can further dampen your chances of hitting your goals. Finding more efficient ways to reduce time wastage is a must but will always depend on the opportunities and willingness of the institution.

With the Pandemic forcing more and more people to avoid crowded spaces, schools have been reduced to online and modular learning while remote work has drastically increased in most offices. Talking to your boss can help convince management of your situation and allow the possibility of remote work or flexible hours.

Working from the safety of your home is perhaps the perfect solution for your career and education needs, while still being able to spend quality time with the family.

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