Bad Habits of Unsuccessful Employees

Identifying the Root Problems

Ever wonder why your career has snailed or why others are getting all the credit? Is it because your manager has limited vision to fully realize your capabilities or your co-workers are simply jealous of you? Perhaps you are just asking the wrong questions. Anyone who believes their career isn't gaining traction has probably spent a lot of time contemplating on their approach. Yet time and again most seem to always find themselves cemented in their roles, this continued failure relapses into blame and shoddy performance 



The eminent Psychologist Carl Yung once quoted; "You are what you do, not what you say you'll do." This statement best reflects our everyday attitude towards the things that could actually make a difference. Whether it's heading to the gym for that much needed exercise or finishing an insightful book, we've been constantly putting these things off since who knows when. Realizing one's priorities is a step in the right direction as it reveals the hurdles we've laid before ourselves that keeps us from truly attaining our objectives. 

Unproductive Activities

With so many devices at our disposal it's no wonder we've become fragmented with the distractions offered by social media and the news. Carefully reassess the number of hours we spend binging on favorite programs or the moments wasted scrolling through the latest updates, and see that a great portion of our day is mind numbingly consumed by these unnecessary activities. 

Negative Attitude

Fear of failing is also considered a main factor behind complacency, our tendencies to opt for safer options lull us from taking the needed changes and allows us to lapse into our comfort zones. This crippling attitude continues to be responsible for demoralizing and self sabotaging our efforts, undermining any chance for recovery and taking back control. 

Short Cuts 

There is nothing wrong in taking short cuts when attempting to simplify a complex process, it's the value of the service we produce that depreciates when we constantly replace quality for quick solutions. This habit can quickly turn sour when it degenerates into lack of accountability and under performance in order to justify deadlines and tight schedules. Productivity is always affected when lackluster skills, poor planning and ill preparedness take center stage.  

Toxic Personality

Socrates mused that the unexplained life is indeed not worth living, as he believed that the only way to have value and meaning in one's life, is knowing and understanding oneself. Without introspection we fail to create internal standards for ourselves thereby allowing others and our impulsive urges to dictate the course of our life. These results in unresolved problems, lack of personal, enviousness and work balance, abusive/abused behavior, entitlement and incessant craving for attention. 

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