A Typical Day in the Life of a Telemarketer

Tales from the Workplace

My day starts at 5:00 in the Afternoon, this is when I rise out of bed and utilize the ample time to prepare before heading out. Having a decent meal before departure is mandatory, I always make sure to feed my stomach as I'll need my strength and the energy for the whole 8 hour shift of grinding. 

Looking great and having a pleasing personality are part of the working environment, this requires taking a shower, brushing your teeth, smelling good and looking debonair. This helps in creating first impressions and a lasting reputation among your team and organization. This is my routine before travelling to the office. Everything must be set before I leave the house cause that's one of the sources of my confidence, if you are well prepared no matter how troublesome the day is, you'll still find ways to overcome it. 

I make sure to arrive at the office 15 minutes before the prescribed dial time. Coming to work early ensures my salary is intact, I receive no deductions for being late nor any infractions that eventually lead to escalations. 

Going to the office early is very beneficial, it offers enough time for mental conditioning and allows me to test and ready my work tools beforehand. Having the right frame of mind can deeply affect my performance, most especially when facing difficult customers that challenge my patience and my persuasion skills.   

We all have daily quotas to reach, and these objectives are determined by how dedicated and eager we are at work. While every day is not a harvest day, this is not an excuse for me not to strive harder as I am expected to provide successful transfers. Another objective I aim for is quality, any deviation from the script or mistake detected in the recording will result in the quality assurance officer calling me out for delivering an unsatisfactory product. 

My energy is usually overflowing during the first half of dialing, it is where I can easily make my quota with relative ease. Thanks to the right mindset, it continues to ensure my success in generating outputs and hitting campaign targets. But as the hours go by, my energy slowly depreciates, somehow, I need to refuel in order to maintain my momentum throughout the day. As the shift enters the last stretch, the arrival of dead calls and long dispositions signal the difficulty level being raised. Yet miracles always happen an hour before the shift ends, and for some the last call could be their saving grace. 

This is our daily routine, we always face challenges that test our patience and dedication. But no matter how hard the day is, we need to leave it behind because tomorrow is just another day to face and no one is certain what new challenges await, still we will face it knowing for use we are brave enough to overcome it

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