Productivity Tips for Remote Work

A WFH Arrangement Guide

With the Pandemic outbreak forcing more and more personnel to apply for work from home, businesses are tasked with creating telecommuting arrangements that protect and provide a flexible working environment. Without agreed parameters and responsibilities, this can only lead to offsite employees not meeting their objectives and company wasting valuable resources.

In this article we cover areas that need to be properly addressed if the work from home arrangement is expected to work out.

Leveling of Expectations

Creating a set of rules and norms for all personnel to comply is mandatory to ensure discipline and accountability. These policies must first involve the standards for the remote workstation. It must be a comfortable worksite free from distractions, has to follow the safety and health requirements, have appropriate lighting and have accessibility to the necessary equipment.

Employees are still expected to render the required work hours depending on the flexibility arrangements of the company. Daily and Hourly check in must be agreed upon to ensure personnel compliance and deliverables are met. Your work from home arrangement must clearly stipulate the expectations and responsibilities of all parties involved.

Security Standards

Working from home can be compromised if lack of time management, no proper supervision and boundaries between personal and work are blurred. The role of managers and officers must adapt as well to the new changes if the problems are expected to be resolved.

Supervisors must elaborate who are allowed to work from home and those that are required to report to the office. Setting regular work hours, maintaining attendance sheets and developing a policy for WFM arrangement are all part of the officer's responsibility. Ensuring the proper work tools are utilized and accessible helps communicate information and latest updates efficiently. Their duties must also extend to maintaining security standards by ensuring only work related data are accessed using company provided computers and devices.


Despite the luxury of reporting from the convenience of one's home, everyone is still required to follow a prescribed dress code. Interfacing and communicating with co-employees and customers via teleconferencing must be conducted in a professional manner at all times, wearing acceptable office attire helps ensure the brand and service are not compromised. Looking presentable not only extends to one's wardrobe but to the personality, office background and service quality, as brand ambassadors all employees should realize that they represent the company in all aspects.

Collaborate and Adapt

Not everything in the new normal is set in stone, the longer the virus stays the more adaptable we must become. Realize that you won't get it right the first time, mistakes and problems are bound to arise. By opening the lines of communication to all employees and allowing feedback to flow, creates opportunities for change that could be the key in perfecting the work from arrangement.

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