Qualities of a True Professional

Understanding Successful Individuals

There's always that one employee we all look up to, that person who always wins awards and gets recognition, who can close impossible deals and achieve insurmountable odds without even flinching a sweat. They are dependable, well loved, command great respect, and everyone secretly aspires to be like them. Yet no matter how high the pedestal we perch these high functioning demigods, we must always take a sneak peak into their origins if we seek to unravel the mystery behind their glamour. 

Practice, Practice and More Practice

When magicians successfully perform a deadly magic trick, the crowd applauds not only the precision nor the impossibility of the death defying act but the stoic calmness they exude. How they make the phenomenal appear ordinary is what further magnifies their allure.  To the untrained eye, the skill appears inherited or perhaps supernaturally bestowed, yet behind closed doors the performance has been rehearsed countless times. From broken bones to life threatening injuries, their commitment to the craft is astounding as they once more return for one more try. 

You wont get it on the first try, but you'll be a lot better on your first hundredth, now imagine being on your first thousandth. Skills are sharpened with every effort, mistakes reduced in every attempt, and mastery attained through continued persistence. 

Your Heroes have Heroes      

Everyone is inspired by someone, and everyone has heroes, that's a given. For instance, take this circle of influence; Issac Newton the most influential scientist inspired Voltaire, the leading writer of the Enlightenment, who in turn inspired Mozart, the greatest composer in history, who motivated Alexander Pope, one of the greatest English Poets who managed to galvanize Lord Byron another of England's greatest poets, that help shaped the writings of Edgar Allan Poe the influential American Writer, who would stir the fires of imagination of Franz Kafka, a major figure of 20th century literature. 

Those you admire, hold someone in esteem, whether it's a family member, a celebrity, an author, school teacher or even a friend, we are all shaped by those who captivate a sense of enthusiasm in us. Simply ask anyone of your heroes and they'll be sure to credit a lengthy list of influencers. It is here as well we must confront ourselves with the question; "Who do we choose to emulate?". If we aren't doing so well in a particular field, perhaps it's time to start rethinking our source of inspiration. 

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