Cold Calling in the time of Covid

Giving your business a new voice

Covid-19 has affected the world and all economies in so many ways. From across continents to your locality, comprising all industries in every community, the change is felt in the changes made to our everyday lives. One cannot deny the impact of the pandemic, from empty shopping malls, deserted streets, stores foreclosing and unemployment numbers rising. Businesses have tried to quickly adapt their strategies to survive, yet not all have transitioned smoothly. Only one thing remains clear, the virus will be here for a while. 

Door to Nowhere 

Business relationships once depended on face to face interaction as an effective way to create meaningful connections. With people avoiding the spread of contamination, being present physically has no longer become the number one option for generating revenue. Homes have closed their doors to both personal and business visits, prompting many who relied on the approach to quickly adapt their tactics. Those that insist on the tactic are more likely to receive further rejection and contract the disease. 

Safe and Sound 

Those that were quick to adapt, not only managed to save their businesses and increased revenue but succeeded as well in keeping their employees safe. Phones, electronic gadgets and the internet quickly became the alternative method for marketing business commodities, social media and creating websites became the norm. However we must realize that setting a business from the safety of one's home can only temporarily save on expenses and extend the business life, its relying on a time tested tactic that can make all the difference. This time tested service is "Cold Calling".  

Cold Calling 

When one pictures cold calling, one automatically sees themselves in the shoes of a haggard caller making repeated pitches to innumerable rejections. All they see is the end of the day frustration and hardship involved. Cold calling has evolved over a number of years, with call centers across the globe catering to a variety of industries, you may be surprised at how the benefits outweigh the challenges. 

It's cheaper when foreign countries take on the responsibility, charging only as low as $7.00 an hour by providing at least 6-8 potential prospects for 8 hours of work. All you have to do is wait on the other line for a prospect to be transferred for you to close. Whether its appointment setting or hot transfers, one eventually realizes the potential of cold calling to generate revenue. This can open more opportunities for you and your unemployed friends to expand and work on. 

Door to door sales are usually limited to one's state or the closest vicinity, imagine your profit double or quadruple when the entire nation becomes your hunting ground. Imagine the number of revenue you can compile when you break down limitations and expand your company into new heights. 

While our article is aimed at promoting outsourcing, be forewarned that not all call centers have your best interest at heart. Rock Bottom centers will charge lower and the consequences of their actions will not only leave you disappointed, it could result in even graver consequences. I'll discuss more in my next article about rock bottom centers and how to identify them. 

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