Rock Bottom Centers

Identifying a Reputable Offshore Partner

Outsourcing your business to an offshore partner during the pandemic can create wonders for your business. For starters, working remotely and adapting to any timezone are already a given for BPO companies, there's also the lower rates, more qualified personnel and years of experience. From virtual assistance to telemarketing, back office to tech support, the vast array of services offered can easily be customized to one's business. With owners looking for a way to cut on costs to save their businesses, partnering with a BPO can turn failing revenue around and make all the difference.

It's finding and working with the right offshore center that can be taxing, especially when you end up with one of those "Rock Bottom Centers'.

Rock Bottom Centers

Simply referred to as poor quality centers, these companies project themselves as high quality organizations in order to secure clients. Their websites are filled with enticing pictures of professionals at work, expensive infrastructures and state of the art devices, in hopes they appear legit and trustworthy, yet were all carefully lifted from the internet. Most of their content if not plagiarized contain words that over exaggerate experiences and bloat success records.

This could end up disastrous, as without proper verification the client would be entrusting their company's brand to some low end office in the farms or slums that utilize the worst technology and employ just about anyone. Despite this upsetting picture there is a way we could differentiate them from the trustworthy ones.

Guarantees Everything

True professionals understand that lasting relationships are key to successful ventures as their reputation can open doors to new possibilities. When a scenario becomes doubtful, they are transparent in stating their objections and while automatically clarify their stand as it could come back to ruin everything they've built. This admirable trait is sadly lost among rock bottom centers as they guarantee everything and will not object to any difficulty you present. The bottomless pit of "Yeses" and "No Problem", goes nowhere once your campaign begins to run.

There is a simple way to test their mettle. Have them repeat the entirety of what you discussed while providing their own insights. When they begin to rattle or rephrase erroneous words, realize that they didn't even take time to jot important details down nor ask for any clarification. Treat their company like you would your own office, this requires patience and fortitude.

Beware the Extremely Low Rates

The impossibly low rates have a catch. Just like any scam, the offer appears too easy to be that good, something's got to give. When you feel something's not right, realize that's your spider-sense tingling, warning you to get out of there. Take for instance telemarketing, rates go below $4.00 per hour, that's triple the minimum wage of your state and can be enticing for anyone who thinks that could suffice. This is where critical thinking steps in.

Consider the operational expenses and salaries involved and you still won't make ends meet, so how could this deal be so alluring? In truth, they resell your leads to 3-4 of your competitors as well, this is where the real income is being generated from. There's also the shoddy tech gear, the inexperienced staff and poor environment to factor in. Crucial calls end up having chickens squawking and a bawling baby in the back.

Referrals and Recordings

No one parades bad reviews on their website, and the satisfied customers they embellish are but invented characters created to appear legit. Just like any job interview, require them to provide a list of referrals along with their contact numbers.

Don't forget to ask for recordings, no less than 10 if possible, this helps determine if their callers are really knowledgeable of their roles and can deliver customer satisfaction. Double checking and holding them accountable can not only save you from scammers but help starting centers build their reputation and determine if they truly are made of sterner stuff.

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