Virtual Assistants are the New Normal

A Good Career and Business Move

The Pandemic entered the picture with devastating effects, crippling businesses and rendering millions unemployed across the globe. Relying on human interaction as a means to spread the disease, businesses that depended on face to face transactions were damaged the most, it resulted in 3,600 US companies closing and shoving the country into a recession. The continued retrenchment of dedicated employees and slump in sales revenue for the first half of the year forced many establishments to turn to the internet just to keep things afloat.

Enter the Virtual Assistant

With traditional roles gradually being replaced, the title "Virtual Assistant" has become one of the most popular as it not only managed to adapt to the crisis but transformed itself into a reliable support for struggling businesses. Many who thought doing virtual assistance would be a temporary career setback ended up giving it their full attention, all it needed was committed individuals with the drive to adapt.

True, many did not expect to ring in the 2020 new year with thoughts of setting up a remote workstation at home and offering their services from online, yet it happened and is currently in demand. Everyone understands that the safety of their families and the need to provide during the pandemic would risk sacrificing either of those two -working as a virtual assistant could protect both. This is why virtual assistance has become attractive to both employers who wish to minimize operational cost and employees that value their health and safety.

Customization is Key

From across all industries, the services VAs can cover daily administrative functions, content writing, emarketing, bookkeeping and customer support, and a whole lot more depending on the specifics of the task required. The best advantage of virtual assistance has always been their flexibility, as employers can easily select the desired services knowing there's a VA with the right skillset, just waiting to be employed.

Saving Businesses

With more businesses going online, hiring VAs helps reduce overhead expenses such as rentals, electricity and other ongoing costs by 65%. Working from home requires the contracted person to provide his own work station, internet connections and other office equipment, which is actually less expensive than retaining on site staff. Companies have the luxury of employing either full or half time employees that bring various skills and hail from all over the world, no longer limiting employment to those within the vicinity but to those with the ability to make a difference in your organization.

Proving to be the safest and most convenient option, businesses have begun their mass exodus transitioning from walk-in shops to online hubs. Isn't it time you started transitioning as well?

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