Preparing for an Interview

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What can you contribute to the company? What motivates you? Why do you want to work here? What is your salary range expectation? Why should we hire you? These are just usual questions you might hear in a job interview. These questions are just simple if you think of it, but how will you able to answer it? Will you respond politely or be direct and focus on being honest in dealing with each question? Well, we will help you with that. We will jot down some ideas on how you will be able to deal with those questions, how to prepare your self and handle it.

Wear your Lucky Dress or Suit

Present yourself with pride and dignity, in an interview being spick and span is a plus factor. This shows how you carry yourself and how you value the said evaluation. Wearing your most comfortable dress will help you gain confidence and be more at ease. So, in having interviews make sure to be at your best and have a good vibe.

Get enough Rest and be Punctual

Having a good rest before an interview will make you more prepared and it won't make you look exhausted. With good rest, it makes you have a proper state of mind in dealing with each question from the interviewee. Always bear in mind that you need to be punctual, remember you're the one in need of a job, so be on time for you not to cram yourself.

Knowledgeable about the Company and the Position

Its more beneficial on your end if you researched about the company you are applying for. Know everything needed beforehand in order to be fully equipped when it comes to the interview. Somewhat have the idea on the job description of the position you are applying for.

Relax and be Confident

Interviews are nerve-racking especially if it's your first time. Be confident in facing the interviewee and refrain from getting intimidated, make sure that you are careful with your body language and refrain from unnecessary gestures. Just lighten up and always make eye contact to build a good connection with the interviewee.

This are just few things to remember in an interview but in totality we all need to be positive and open-minded that what ever the results of the said interview we don't need to be frustrated but instead it will serve as a learning progress for us to compose ourselves for the next opportunity.

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