Cold Calling Techniques

Boosting TeleSales Revenue

Lead Generation is a time tested model for unsolicited calling yet many call centers still fail to make the tactic work. Converting new customers without any prior contact or knowledge about your product requires more than tools and luck, it needs a clearer understanding of what's important and what to focus on. In this article we discuss the areas where lead generation campaigns need to focus on in order to make cold calling work.

The Script

The content of your dialogue matters, the essence of your sales pitch is either bound to capture the attention of your customer or leave them unimpressed. It must come naturally and appear friendly, manage to be enticing and captivating to the ear. Achieving this requires performing background research and profiling of your intended targeted clientele, having insight to their profession and personalities can make all the difference. Your script content must establish a connection in order for the customer to feel that your product speaks directly to their needs.

Expect Objections

Anticipating pushbacks and excuses are part of the job. Resistance is a common occurrence and charting multiple scenarios beforehand is key to unlocking new pathways. Not everyone buys the same product for the same reason, appealing to different perspectives helps maneuver customers to the response you need. Combating objections requires a script that contains areas for rebuttal, anticipating their response catches them off guard, it prevents them from making a hasty retreat, instead questions their judgement by reminding them to really rethink their decision.

Quality of Leads

A great percentage of calls that fail can be traced back to the quality of leads. No matter how brilliant the script or confident the rebuttals, what's the point when half of your calls aren't getting through and no one is answering? Your leads need to convert and your date vendor needs to be held accountable, this requires hiring a legit leads provider and utilizing an effective support system in play in order to replace and minimize wasted calls. Leads are expensive, and without an effective manager observing its performance, the entire day and week would be for naught. Always test new leads before making a purchase, samples are an effective way of ensuring the legitimacy and quality before the actual campaign.

Agents Personality

The phone may not capture the way we look and overall appearance yet the tone and delivery compensate for lack of it. Know that how we communicate verbally always sets the conversation's mood, this means phrasing words clearly while invoking optimism. Active listening is another skill agents must empower themselves to be better at, this can offer insightful tips on what clients really need and where your sales pitch needs to focus on.

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