Jovie Ticar

IT Manager

Jovie Ticar, IT Manager

From a young age, Jovie always had a strong fascination for computers, his love for gaming and a knack for troubleshooting issues would be instrumental in his developmental years. Spending countless hours dawdling at the local gaming shop was where he honed his tech skills. Whether it was editing simple videos or remixing playlists for friends, that little store provided no limits to the joy and curiosity it brought him. It preoccupied so much of his time he'd volunteer what free hours he had to minding the store in exchange for free access. From that point onward, being a programmer was the only thing he wanted.

Despite being strongly opposed to his family's decision to take a different career he complied. After passing the first semester, he renegotiated a change in course which was rejected. Determined to take a headstrong approach he deliberately flunked subjects, skipped classes, and eventually dropped out, much to his parent's chagrin. By the following year his rebellion paid off when he was granted a final reprieve and allowed to enroll in the course of his choice.

The stakes were raised half way through his sophomore year, when his girlfriend's pregnancy was announced. He supported them by accepting freelance projects for lower batches and performing troubleshooting support for computer shops. While his days were piled with studies and nights filled with undertakings, the effort would not be enough to sustain the cost of his growing family, and just like his first year, his learning would take another hit. Opportunity knocked when a schoolmate called for his assistance on a rushed international project. What he accomplished not only saved the campaign but impressed the clients he was offered a full time job at Accentline.

Without hesitation, he took the leap and relocated to work for an unheard start-up company. For years he silently toiled, diligently contributing to the formation of the company's systems and networks, supported his children and siblings back home and continued to work on securing his diploma. The company in turn became a haven for empowerment, it molded him into a more confident leader and allowed him the growth needed to exact the change needed in his life.

By 2017, he had made a name for himself by both graduating with a degree in Information Technology after nine years and proving himself worthy of the position of IT Department Manager. To this day, Jovie oversees our company's Information Technology and Research Division and is considered as one of the pillars of our Accentline's foundation.

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