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One's assumptions are never grounded in the same platform as reality, our preconceived notions have this endearing habit of warning or hyping us of things beyond our understanding, yet never lives up to its expectations. Common misconceptions arise pertaining to working in the call center, some of which suggest that it's relatively easy, requires no intelligence and everyone is paid for picking up the phone. This article aims to arm novices the right mindset prior to their entry in the call center world. 

Not Easy as it Appears

Not everyone that applies for a job automatically qualifies, there's a reason BPOs have Human resources departments same as any other company. These HR personnel screen and monitor religiously each applicant with the intention of filtering the potential from the unqualified. Passing the entrance exam and acing the interview are hurdles everyone is expected to comply before becoming an employee. 

Working the graveyard shift can take its toll as well. Anyone not prepared to sacrifice their regular morning activities won't make it long in the BPO world. Reshaping one's routine is imperative and requires dedication, sacrificing social hours with family and acquaintances will be compromised and ensuring quality sleep during the daytime can be a herculean obstacle. 

Another obstacle that can bar one's progress are the daily objectives, there's that quota to meet, customers to appease and managers to impress. Campaign difficulty can be taxing, it can make or break one's confidence and desire to continue. Toxic bosses and flood or irate clients are not uncommon, and having low self confidence can easily undermine your career. 

There's a reason why working in the BPO isn't for everyone. 

Our Accents have an Edge

As Filipinos, we tend to avoid conversing with Americans for fear of being ridiculed for our local accents and mispronunciations, yet what we fail to understand is that we speak with a neutral accent and are familiar with American idioms which gives us an advantage over our other competitors. During the 2000s and early 2010s, the Philippines wasn't the number one BPO location for outsourcing, yet we eventually dominated the telemarketing scene and became the prime destination for virtual assistance, customer support, etc, thanks to our ability to communicate clearly and confidently. This is still not cause to celebrate as we need to continuously practice and familiarize ourselves with the English language if we are expected to truly make a difference. 

Lifelong Learning

Mastery of tools, script content and rebuttals, understanding North American culture and acquiring patience are instrumental in meeting your objectives, yet if one aims for the long term goal, continuously learning and developing skills are a lifelong commitment. No one is truly content to remain in one's position for long, whether it's a career obsession that fuels you or owning a brand new house that keeps you motivated, we all know, working our way to the top is key to fulfilling those dreams. Start small while aiming for the larger picture is highly recommended, start by becoming a top performer and slowly inch your way to a promotion. 

If you want to work in a call center that provides ample benefits and truly cares for its employees, give us a call or send a message. We'd love to get to know you more. 

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