Education, Outsourcing and the Pandemic

Working while in College

2020 has been the worst decade so far, not only has the pandemic ended so many precious lives, it has left families struggling to make ends meet, careers ruined, and businesses reeling from loss of revenue. Despite Pfizer announcing a 95% effective rate of its vaccine, there is still no tentative date for its release, leaving many wondering whether its deployment would be in time to save them from further spiraling into ruin. 

Another sector that has felt the painful brunt of Covid's onslaught are students that rely on family members to shoulder their college expenses. While schools have adapted online classes to ensure the safety of both faculty and students, many still could not afford the cost and have been forced to drop out. This is why students should start learning about why the BPO industry is their solution to both their educational and income woes. 

Does not Require too much Experience

While most job vacancies demand a litany of work experiences and level of educational attainment, call centers have no qualms about one's lack of expertise or character reference as they tend to favor more one's willingness to learn. The reason behind requiring limited skills is that most BPO companies have in house training designed to educate novices on handling basic tasks. Telemarketing training for instance mostly covers script mastery, handling rebuttals and knowledge of online tools -tasks simple enough to employ those with only a high school diploma.  

Better Pay

Face it, working a desk job in the Philippines as a lowly admin assistant or blue collar workforce employee offers a pay grade a little above the minimum wage. BPOs have greatly altered the landscape by employing less than experienced staff with pay grades higher than supervisors in the local private sector. This has greatly made an impact in the lives of the impoverished by raising the quality of their living standards and providing a better future for their families as well. 

Time is on your Side 

Not everyone of us can be a scholar, retaining an average of 85 percentile in all subjects while balancing work and school during the day can be a nightmare. Despite the free tuition, most universities hardly offer any allowances for meals and transportation, those unable to afford basic amenities find themselves struggling even more to make ends meet. With the pandemic forcing everyone to study from home, the cost of internet connections and technical facilities alone are enough to cripple students with limited resources. 

Working in the BPO sector means allotting uninterrupted 8 hours for work at night and a whole day dedicated to learning. While sleep may appear compromised, you have the luxury of adjusting your subjects to the desired time of availability. Taking on the full course load for the semester and working full shift at night, means having more than enough to settle your bills, pay for your education and provide extra for your families. 


When one realizes that they can both establish their workstation and online classroom in the comfort of their home, they can reduce cost and manage tasks more smoothly, this further allows them quality time with their families, ample hours for study and guaranteed full time employment.  

If you are one of those struggling with work and school, talk to us about our work from arrangement and learn more about how its benefits can make a meaningful impact on your career. 

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