Making a First Impression

Establishing rapport in minutes

First Impressions can have an indelible mark on a person by another based on either their attitude, appearance, social status, level of education, level of success, or level of sophistication. According to Harvey Mackay "First Impressions Last", First Impressions are lasting. Once first impression is made, if it's less than great, unfortunately it takes a long time to change it. Well, is first impressions really the basis of validating someone?

In life we may encounter different characteristics of people, fortunately the initial characteristics they manifest are not necessarily the basis of their true personality. However, in the business world, first impressions really matter. An executive's gaze can fixate like a glaring spotlight, scanning for familiar traits based on one's gestures and appearances. Making an impression is not as easy at it appears, some attempt sophistication by being articulate, others invest in power dressing to project the appearance of success, and many showcase their education and experience by conversing confidently. Making a solid impression requires making the most of any given situation, this will require practice and quick thinking in order for one to quickly adapt and ensure a positive connection with the targeted individual.

This validation is somewhat a good start for you to be acknowledged. If you act according to what you want others look back on you, then you need to give a good impression. Give it all your best, learn to act professionally at all times and always be observant of your surroundings, as not all people around you are charmed by your personality. Others might consider it as a threat and others will take it in a different manner. Whatever these people think of you always bare in mind to act accordingly. If you want to have a lasting impression then give them a good impression, this is your way of giving them a hint on what you are capable of and what can you contribute for them to be better.

First Impression can also be a window for a better start. If you impress these people you are giving yourself an opportunity to be part of them, and this will be the start where you can gain learning from them or the other way around.

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