False Assumptions about Outsourcing

Setting the Record Straight

Outsourcing has gotten a lot of bad publicity in recent years despite its ability to boost businesses and help make products and services affordable. Studies published by the University and IZA Berlin found an 80% increase in service outsourcing revenue linking the direct correlation between increasing outsourcing efforts and profitability in Irish companies. Even Harvard University published a report citing that the US global economy is likely to benefit from outsourcing and be beneficial as a whole. The University of Portsmouth studied a pharmaceutical company that utilized outsourcing and in the first three years saw 30% decrease in operational costs and a 527% increase in outsource value after 5 years. 

No matter how much value outsourcing brings to companies, most folks are still divided over the issue and are more likely to repeat false statements. In this article we dispel those whimsical assumptions and set the record straight once and for all. 

Lacks Legitimacy and Quality

Not every company that outsources is legit, the same goes for some businesses in all industries. Partnering with any BPO company requires more than a handshake and closing deals over the phone, standards and requisites must be set. This requires companies planning to outsource to establish background checks, have executives personally visit the sites and hold them accountable for discrepancies and violations. 

Companies must develop patience, treating their outsourcing counterparts more as business partners than expendable mercenaries allows BPOs to provide training for empowerment and support for long-term sustainability. Anyone who expects a virtual employee to master years of experience in mere weeks is deluded, yet why most offshore ventures fail can be owed to this mindset. Legit BPOs pride themselves in quality, they understand that their service can be a reliable solution that can open doors for future negotiations. 

Data is easily Compromised

Once again we must clarify that not all offshore companies have their clients' interest at heart, this requires companies to take time in validating their history while checking their security programs and conducting tests to ensure protection of data from leaks and hacks. Legit companies understand that poor security programs and compromising confidential information can be the death of their business, safeguarding customer data is a priority above all else. 

Outsourcing is Costly in the Long Run 

When you expect a person to understand your entire business process in a day, it's likely you're a wizard that can automatically influence others with your hypnosis skill or a gullible person that has no qualms about not being understood. Realize, a thing becomes too costly when it continues to break down and no longer serves its purpose, this is why quality control matters. Upgrade the standards by conducting frequent trainings, provide mentoring and support your offshoring team as you would your regular personnel. It can only get more expensive in time, when a broken machine is allowed to operate and under qualified personnel are permitted to handle complexities. 

Starting any business requires patience and time, and if you need the services of a legit company like Accentline that can help set your business up, simply contact us.    

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