Home Based vs Office Based Agents

Cost, Accessibility and Quality

Generating sufficient income to provide for one's family and the pandemic compromising safety have become the leading challenges for everyone across all industries. Sadly, not all businesses can utilize the 'work-from-home' tactic, companies that require employees to be physically present could no longer afford to compensate their entire workforce, this resulted in massive layoffs and reduced work hours implemented as cost cutting measures to combat the significant drop in customer traffic and loss of revenue.

In the Philippines, call centers became a haven for the unemployed, BPOs would continue to hire both off and on site agents in order to secure their production numbers. Those that wanted to be compensated more, would directly locate business owners and offer home based options to ensure no third party involvement. Both home and office based agents have their pros and cons, in this article we dissect both to see which one is guaranteed to provide the best option for business owners.


True, it's cheaper to opt for a home based company, the expenses they render for rent and electricity won't be as expensive as an office. Without complicated operational costs to manage nor high end salaries to maintain, hiring their services means cutting costs at the lowest possible rate leading to increases in both savings and profit.


Working from home saves on transportation cost and reduces anxiety, stressful situations like traffic congestion and long queues are hassles working remotely has resolved. Office based companies are not completely helpless in this aspect, free transportation services and sleeping areas have been made readily available in order for work not to be disrupted.


There's a reason office based companies charge higher, they have standards to retain. A home based business won't procure the premium services of an ISP provider, nor allot extra to ensure they employ qualified agents. In lieu of their limited resources they employ family members and purchase less than reputable equipment, short term solutions that are not only doomed to fail but can only ruin your company's image.

In Summary

For employees the work from home option is king. Longer sleeping time, comfortable environment, being close to family and safety from the pandemic are benefits the office based cannot replace. However, the office advantages tend to side more with the needs of clients, services that remote workers cannot entirely replicate. Having better infrastructure, sturdy foundation, years of experience, and level of professionalism are challenges work from home agents clearly lack.

Cost and accessibility are things knowledgeable business owners are ready to sacrifice, it is quality they esteem above all else. Cheap reduces not only the rate but value, accessibility speeds the process but comprises quality.

When quality is jeopardized revenue eventually suffers.

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