Health and Wellness for BPO employees

Tips to Ensure Wellness

Health is Wealth, it's a common quote we've heard probably from School, Work, Home, etc. Health is a very common issue in the BPO industry. This is one of the factors that causes attrition at a high level. In this article, we will provide certain points on how to help yourself maintain fitness and wellness of health while working the graveyard shift.

Good Sleep

The required number of sleep for a person should at least be 6 to 8 hours a day, but for BPO employees, it's a blessing if you can muster no less than 5 hours of sleep. In order to have a long and relaxing sleep, you need to learn meditation, this is to help release the negative vibes and usher in a peaceful mindset before going hitting the sack. It's also advisable to partake good food that offers a calming effect such as warm milk, lettuce, fatty fish, tea, almonds, and items that are rich in vitamins D and B, zinc, etc.

Exercise Regularly

Selecting and maintaining the right type of exercise ensures a healthy sleep cycle, this is why it is important to adapt the correct cardiovascular exercises in order to fight anxiety and have the endurance for the night shift. According to an article from Livestrong, the best time of day to workout for night-shift workers is largely dependent on the preference of the individual. Spend one week working out before, during and after your shift and see which one is the best fit for you. It's also better to be consistent with what exercise we choose and make it a habit in order to have a lasting effect.

Eat Meals on time

As a night-shift worker, it is difficult to secure healthy and timely meals, as most eating habits depend on availability of time and convenience of what's around. It is best to practice eating on time with rich nutrients and refrain from sleeping with an empty stomach. Take vitamins that will help boost the immune system and help provide a good appetite.

Our life is just borrowed so it is our duty to take care of it. Having good health is a good investment.

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