Skills to Develop to Succeed in the BPO sector

A Beginners guide

With the pandemic forcing more and more people to turn to the BPO sector for work, securing employment in a field unrelated to one's experience can become a nightmare. Applying directly without any prior experience can end in rejection thanks to the lack of fundamental skills and basic knowledge needed to gain employment. You'd think, learning the basics requires going through boot camp that demands a higher level of training and practice. Sure, working in the BPO sector can be scary for novices but one must understand that while all new employees attend basic training and proper job orientation before immersion, one must still develop certain abilities if one is expected to survive. 


Charles Darwin, the British naturalist once uttered that it is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent; but the one most adaptable to change. Yes, being adaptable is key to survival. Working in a call center highly requires working the graveyard shift, that means realigning your body clock to sleep during the day and work at night. Family time would be sacrificed and one's daily routine is affected depending on the time zone of your campaign.  

Adapting to a new culture can be intimidating, especially since we tend to take things too personally. Irate customers can belch out a ton of insensitive insults and can be a handful when we swallow it all in. Most quit their jobs out of stress and being unable to pacify clients, when the real problem was our reactions all along.   


Speaking fluently and clearly is key to getting the message across, but getting the right message requires active listening. These are attributes needed by all call center employees, as it can easily resolve the client's problem and ensure customer satisfaction. All words have their own meaning and interpretation, continuous practice helps not getting them mixed up. Saying thank and acknowledging their problem requires a great deal of communication skills and experience. By observing videos online of customer service reps handle verbal insults and calm the most irate clients can be your guide to speaking eloquently. 


Being proactive isn't for everyone, but it is an in demand skill that every employer desires from their employees. Like any other industry, when a boss poses a question about a problem, note that he already understands the problem, he is simply looking for your response. By anticipating a problem and addressing it proactively is a step towards resolution. Happy customers are loyal customers and employees that are proactive make great customer service representatives. 

If you need to enhance your BPO skills and want to know more about how to work in the call center industry, talk to us. 

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