Tips for Building your Resume

A Beginner's Guide to Building your First CV

You're just starting out and the world can be a scary place. You need a job fast but you lack the required skill set. Your experience is limited to mostly school work and you know companies can easily pull off a background check to validate your claims. Building your first resume is a challenge, and it definitely requires crafting a convincing curriculum vitae.  Fear not, as we have listed beneficial tips that could help turn the tides in your favor. 

Resume Objective must be Specific

We all know that the first portion of one's CV always contains the purpose of the application, what we tend to lapse on is the specific messaging stated. In our attempts to forward our application across different companies we craft the most general statement about our purpose in hopes that at least one of them offers us a job. What we overlook is coming off brazen for wanting the employer to see us for who we are, not for who we can be to them. If the job calls for a hotel clerk, craft a compelling statement why you would make a fine receptionist. Your aim is to court the hiring manager's attention, and giving him a purpose to continue reading requires being specific. 

No Mistakes

If your aim is to appear professional, always double check your resume for grammatical errors and misplaced punctuations prior to submission. Make sure all details are correct, every word carefully spelled and everything in its place. Have a professional read it to ensure nothing goes unnoticed. 


There must be something you did in school that made an impact. Draft a list detailing the things you participated in, from activities to recognitions. Rank each of them but try not to discard those that appear unnecessary, there is no telling when it might be of use for another application. 

Education, Internships and Skill set

If the company you are seeking employment on just so happens to be looking for the specialized skill set you graduated from, feel free to elaborate on why hiring you would be to their advantage. If the skill set they require seems to appear off point, try focusing on your education and how you can still be useful to the company. Just remember to always focus on a relevant course, internship or extracurricular activity that appeals to the work requirement.

Professionalism 24/7

In spite of having a colorful resume, pay heed to minor aspects that could ruin it all for you. Take for instance your email address. Avoid using the email you thought was cool when you were drunk. Applying as a virtual assistant under the moniker will not appeal to interested prospects. Also make sure to clean out your social media page for any incriminating photos of yourself that might compromise the integrity of the company. 

If you wish to build an experienced resume, come work for us. We can help draft your resume or have you just fill out our online forms. Contact us now and get hired. 

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