Overcoming Procrastination

Steps to a Better Life

Ever had one of those days, where you just wake up and realize it's been months since you made good on a promise to yourself? Have you had that feeling that life is slipping you by and yet feel like you haven't made the most of it? Whether it's that diet you've been putting off, or that book you've been aiming to finish. When you continuously postpone or put off an action out of laziness, it's called procrastination. As long as we delay things it can ultimately affect our work, school, health and relationships. 

It's hard enough when our brains are already wired to process concrete things over abstract thoughts, programming us to be biased in only seeing the future rewards as opposed to the arduous tasks ahead. The automatic reaction is to take a step back and postpone the effort for another time, a repetitive cycle that pushes it further until we realize the years have tiptoed away and we feel greatly disappointed in ourselves. 

Here are some tips to help overcome procrastination. 

Create a List 

Prior to tackling an obstacle, break them down into a list of things. Organization is key to tidying up one's priorities, this helps the individual strategize their next moves that could lead to accomplishing the main objective

Baby Steps

Starting small requires less time and energy, the chances of giving up are slim when there is still energy in your momentum. If exercise is your goal, try not to break yourself in the first week and lose motivation on the next by straining yourself too hard. The goal is consistency, and starting requires patience and commitment. 

Find a Purpose

Socrates famously quipped that the unexplained life is not worth living. Without purpose we find ourselves drifting back and forth aimlessly without understanding our purpose for being. Realizing one's goal is easily abandoned when we lose track of the why. Hence it is important to deeply contemplate the reason behind the ordeal and use it as a beacon to remind yourself why you started out in the first place. 

Reward yourself

Utilize small incentives and don't beat yourself up when you miss out. Learn to reward your successes when you accomplish something, that way you find meaning in the pursuit of your objectives. Another thing to keep in mind is not to pressure one's self too much, the goal is to inspire not entertain negative thoughts. 

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