Why Some BPO Applicants still fail to Qualify for Work

A list of Issues from the HR Department

Working in the BPO sector may sound easy depending on who you talk to, yet a great number of those employed would say it's a no brainer. Despite the overwhelming enthusiasm, one must ponder; why do call centers still require interviews and pre-qualifiers? Perhaps some might assume that it is simply there for formality, sadly that isn't the case as many still are unable to qualify. Our Human Resources department has listed main reasons why many still do not qualify. 

Poor English Communication Skills   

Watching a lot of English speaking films doesn't automatically make us great communicators, it requires constant practice and proper delivery. Being unable to speak clearly decreases one's chances of being understood, that along with poor pronunciation can entirely scramble the message and lead the discussion astray. Call Centers expect applicants to deliver the dialogue clearly and efficiently, those that have trouble phrasing can expect only push back from callers and antagonize irate clients. It is important to polish one's vocabulary and have a good command of the language if one is expected to qualify. 

Unprepared and Oblivious to the BPO sector

It is understandable the many have had no prior work experience, thus lacking the knowledge, the intricacies and processes of the BPO industry. What is unforgivable is the lack of preparedness to consult and practice. In an interview, questions are mandatory and answers will gauge not only one's competency but the ability to reason and communicate one's point of view. When an interviewer spots an unprepared applicant, that person's personality comes off as either lazy or apathetic, in short isn't serious about work. This is why it is important to consult with someone who has had experience successfully passing the interview. 

While there are questions you might not be prepared for, at least practice the most generic to ensure you answer any question smartly and confidently. 

Bad Work History

Keep this in mind, good companies do background checks. Despite one's ability to astound the interviewer by communicating flawlessly and exhibiting the necessary skills, all that could be annihilated with just a single phone call. One's reputation is important, and when you leave your previous company on a bad note, don't expect your previous employers to send praises your way. It is always advisable to take the high road even when others don't. The long term repercussions of an incident years ago, can still haunt one's career. 

While most lowly positions hardly do background checks, higher positions and credible organizations investigate potential employees prior to their hiring.  

Talk to us before applying, we'll provide tips and pointers to help you widen your understanding and help you start your career with us. 

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