Starting your career in the BPO sector

Resume Building for Newbies

Let's face it. Landing that "dream job" is never as easy as it appears. A powerful resume is needed to back one's credibility and the odds of securing a prestigious position without it is as likely as finding a needle in the haystack at night -which is clearly impossible. It should be noted that businesses hardly employ applicants without college degrees, let alone those still studying and lack the necessary experience. 

The pandemic has further increased the difficulty level of employment for those wanting a stable career in the educational paths they've mapped. Lack of openings and more businesses closing shop, has made things more difficult for those needed to provide for their families and studies. While other businesses have adapted the remote work setting to ensure the safety of those in their employ, not everyone has been afforded the opportunity. The one industry that continues to weather the storm and is currently the best place to jump-start your career is the BPO industry. Let's see why.  

Starter Kit

While most industries require a detailed list of work experiences and level of educational attainment, call centers aren't picky about one's lack of expertise or character reference as they prioritize one's willingness to learn. The reason behind requiring limited skills is that most BPO companies have in house training designed to educate new hires on handling basic tasks. Telemarketing training for instance mostly covers script mastery, handling rebuttals and knowledge of online tools -tasks simple enough to employ those with only a high school diploma.  

Better Pay

For those worrying about their tuition rates and personal expenses have the BPO sector to be grateful for. It is a fact that working a desk job as a lowly admin assistant offers a pay grade a little more above the minimum pay grade and even that requires a college degree. Call Centers have greatly transformed the landscape by employing less than experienced staff with wages higher than managers in the local sector. This has made an impact in the lives of those unable to provide by reforming their living standards and providing a better future for themselves in the process

Get Promoted 

Anyone who has ever worked in a call center would've noticed the lack of educational attainments of their superiors. Most managers and junior officers are known more for their leadership skills and overall impact on campaign performance as opposed to where they finished their degrees. This is mainly due to the power of hard work. Getting recognized for one's talents isn't as limiting as other industries usually require. While we all understand the value of a good education, getting to that desired higher position has become a possibility thanks to the BPOs favoring result driven performance. 

If you are one of those struggling with your career and need to make an impact, contact us so we can discuss how Accentline can make an impact on your career. 

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