An Open Letter to Fresh Graduates

Hey, Neophytes,


At last, after almost half a decade of mental, physical, spiritual and emotional trainings that you encountered in college, you are now free. 

Some of you might think that college life is the hardest thing to encounter in life. But, dear Neophytes, the real battle is outside. As you step out of the University gate as a graduate you are armed with knowledge, wisdom, skills, and experiences that have shaped you to conquer the world of the work force after your training for more than four years. You welcomed yourself to a new battle, where those who don't have enough patience, persistence and optimism surrender and lose. 

Take the situation now as an example. In this time of pandemic, finding a job is like finding a needle in a haystack. Job hunters should maximize their effort and patience in finding work considering the new normal etiquette and environment. Companies, on the other hand, have doubled their efforts in screening their applicants' wellbeing to ensure the safety of their business and employees.

This existing phenomenon calls for a better society and you, dear Neophytes, were trained to achieve these goals. You are the newly freed combatants who should take the lead. Let your freshly sharpened weapons do its part. 

Take the lead, dear Neophytes, and cultivate this society for a productive and better future. May you conquer your favored path with nobleness, courage and the certainty that every big thing in life starts with a small step.


Best regards,

Present Times

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