How to Become an Online ESL Teacher Without Experience

ESL Notes: Thoughts on Teaching English Online

Pandemic Response? Be An ESL Teacher!

(First of a series contributed by Cherry Mae G. Mecenas, LPT)

In the Philippines, teaching English online has become one of the most in-demand work opportunities during the pandemic because of its stability and safety. In response, many Filipino workers, including those who have non-teaching experience, chose to take the exciting path of teaching online in order to survive in these tough times and make end meets for their families. 

Yet, certain unique challenges come with teaching English online. Teaching students who have limited understanding of the English language feels like a daunting task. Students of diverse cultures, learning styles, and educational backgrounds-adding on the language barrier-take some time to master the language, and cope with such learning modality. Despite this, we have always believed that one's passion to learn and to teach, for both our students and teachers, will always fuel us to reach our aspirations in life.

Are you one of those aspiring teachers that want to enjoy the perks of working in the office while helping learners at the same time?

At Accentline, we welcome passionate teachers with or without experience in teaching English virtually. If you are a fluent English speaker who is looking for a job to earn additional income or gain any teaching experience, becoming an online ESL teacher could be the perfect gig for you! 

What is ESL?

ESL stands for English as a Second Language. ESL teachers specialize in helping students of all ages and levels whose primary language is not English with the goal of improving their language competencies in speaking, reading, writing and listening skills. 

Online teaching opportunities are surfacing around the world to keep up with demand. As a result, most of the people from non-English speaking countries learn English online and Filipino educators are one of the most in-demand teachers. Don't you think it's time for you to share your skills in the virtual world? 

Why Become An Online ESL Teacher?

(Second of a series contributed by Cherry Mae G. Mecenas, LPT)

Why not? 

If you are passionate and dedicated about teaching and want to earn extra income, teaching English online is one sure way. Being an online ESL teacher at Accentline, for example, offers you the following: 

  • Teaching workstation. If you work with us, you don't need to worry about a place to teach as Accentline provides everything - computer, noise-cancellation headset, air conditioned room, power generator, and even IT support. 
  • Flexibility of schedule. Online English teaching doesn't always follow the usual 9-5 work hours. If you're a night owl or an early bird, this may be great news for you! Regardless of whether you're teaching part-time or full-time, it's important to make the most of your earning potential when creating your ideal online teaching schedule.
  • Opportunities to work one-on-one with students of varied levels and cultures. Students will learn from you how to embrace diversity and incorporate ideas, beliefs, or people from different countries and cultural background.

Teaching English language online is booming and qualified ESL teachers like you are in high demand. Why not start your teaching career with us? 

Is It Possible To Teach English Online With No Experience In Teaching?

(Third of a series contributed by Cherry Mae G. Mecenas, LPT)


There is nothing to worry about if you are not experienced in teaching. What's important is that you meet the necessary requirements, pass the training/demo and perform well during your classes. 

It seems like a simple task but if you miss out on some requirements, it may take some time to get you employed. Submitting your resume online, for example, is easy. But wait, are you sure it is updated?

Newbie teacher-applicants often make the mistake of not updating their resume. They may be a college graduate but their resume doesn't say what course or year they finished it. Yes, it may be a tiny thing for some but in the screening process this factor could put your resume in the wait list to be contacted.

There may be other online teaching companies out there that don't require any previous teaching experience. But at Accentline, our ESL team helps you out during the training stage to be a step closer to that teaching work. 

We would greatly appreciate working with you anytime soon and help you grow in the field of teaching English. As a new teacher, working for a company is a great way to gain experience and understand how the online English industry works. 

Be one of us and let us help you land a job teaching English online! 

What Are the Skills Needed for Becoming an ESL Teacher?

(Fourth of a series contributed by Cherry Mae G. Mecenas, LPT)

Do you have a solid working knowledge and ability to practice the following English language skills?

  • Vocabulary. This is crucial for students' language improvement and communication skills in developing rich vocabulary. Facilitating their ability in expressing thoughts, ideas and feelings need adequate knowledge of words. 
  • Grammar. It is the way we arrange words to form proper sentences. We need grammar to ensure the student's clarity of communication from simple to complex daily conversations. Without grammar, the effort to convey ideas would be futile. 
  • Reading. Teaching reading skills to ESL learners is a process and as a teacher it is your task to ensure that the student could comprehend and develop fluency. 
  • Writing. Here, creativity and critical thinking of students will be applied. They will be able to practice how to use grammar, spell a word and use it to craft structured paragraphs in many different writing styles. 
  • Speaking. This is one of the most important skills that ESL students must learn as it allows them to communicate with others and express their thoughts and feelings.

If you walk through all of these English language skills, then you are fit to be an effective ESL teacher. But, you may ask, "Do I have to be highly-skilled in all these areas?" No, you don't have to be A+ on all of these. Regardless of whether you're just an average English speaker, as long as you're able to clearly deliver the lesson to your student, then you've done your job. 

To be able to communicate effectively in English, Accentline opens its doors for you. It can set you on the path for success in your future career, give you the confidence to foster your professional and personal skills, and make it easier to go abroad in search of new opportunities. 

Whether you're thinking of becoming a teacher, acquiring some work experiences, or seeking professional career development, Accentline is an excellent company to kick off teaching English online. 

We are proud of our ESL team's passion and commitment to teach; and we support we them on every step of their journey. Be one of us now!

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