Loida Albon

Virtual Assistant

Loida Albon, Virtual Assistant

There are so many ways to be courageous in this world. At times it requires giving more than what is necessary and quite often it demands sacrificing one's needs for the benefit of others. Yet there is something more profound than this, something even the most courageous fail to deliver. It's the steadiness of the slow walk, the unwavering commitment to return to the grind as many times as it takes. It is "consistency" of which I speak of and the story of Loida's unremitting courage. 

Loida has been no stranger to poverty. Beset by destitution at every turn, her entire life has been a collage for indigence. Forced to study without provisions and work on weekends to provide for her siblings, she would forge an exhausting path towards graduation filled with tears and hardship. She would survive on the measly profits earned by selling snacks and puto (steamed cake with flour) to her schoolmates. 

Her relationships fared no better. Left to support her children as a single mother she would soldier on to ensure her family were given the life she was denied. Yet with a growing family to nurture, expenses ballooning and limited opportunities available, relocating to Manila would be her only choice. The decision would require separating herself from those she loved -and it would be the toughest she would ever make.  

Despite the long distance relationship, things had actually started to take a turn for the better. The long hours she invested resulted in her employer recognizing her talents and offering her a managerial role. The promotion meant providing more than enough to support her family's needs. 

The career she invested so much time and effort quickly fizzled when her family implored her return to care for her sickly parents. Without a full time aide to properly care for them, she was once again left without a choice but to resign and head back to her hometown. There were no glad tidings upon her return, as it was at the height of the pandemic. They say bad luck only strikes once, in her case it came in rapid succession. Within a year she would lose her job and her father. 

New Beginnings

First impressions are hardly accurate, especially when one meets Loida for the first time. Her optimism and larger than life personality radiate from every corner of her persona, showing no trace of those painful experiences mentioned. Armed with a smile and a listening ear, Loida has always been "the glass is half full" type of person, consistently refusing to allow the bleakness of her past dampen any chance of brightening up someone's day. 

Working at Accentline was a random encounter. Recommended by a friend, she took a chance despite lacking any BPO experience. Starting out as an outbound cold caller, she would make waves by becoming one of the newest and most consistent top performers of her campaign. Her attention to detail and focus on improvement was vital in pushing others to perform. It would not take long for her superiors to spot her leadership qualities that she would eventually be designated to oversee the virtual assistance department. 

Her consistency to perform and deliver beyond expectations is what everyone among us should aspire to achieve. 

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