Princess Marfil

Quality Assurance Officer

Princess Marfil, Quality Assurance Officer

Beset by the cycle of poverty at every turn, Princess's story is that of hardship and perseverance, and while heartbreaking still manages to inspire even the most jaded reader.

Born to parents that could not provide, Princess along with her eight other siblings were raised by various family members, moving from house to house without having a residence to formally call her own. Most times the situation would be so dire meals were composed of inferior rice mixed with rough corn grits. It was there she set her heart to working abroad to escape the confines of her unfortunate predicament -to finally provide a decent life for herself and her siblings.

After graduating high school, she successfully passed the entrance exam to study as a cruise ship cabin attendant. Her dreams were dashed when lack of funds to support tuition expenses closed the door on the opportunity. In order to provide she took on inadequate jobs that offered wages less than minimum, this included being a house help, a caregiver and a makeshift store assistant.

When an offer from one of her aunts came in the form of a formal education, she leaped at the chance to become a professional caregiver. However, her career would be sidelined once more when she became pregnant and expenses for internship could no longer suffice. Her husband had trouble shouldering the basic essentials of the family working as a lowly custodian, a full time employment would be her only recourse. It was there she heard of Accentline.

Working in the BPO sector is hard enough when sleeping during the daytime is a requisite, getting enough sleep is even harder when you're in her shoes. You see Princess lives in an island province and work requires her to cross a gulf of water into the next province. While the practice is common, her situation is unique as she works the night shift and ferries are not allowed to cross at night.

She journeys far to take the last ferry out, reports to work 4 hours early and tries to squeeze in whatever sleep to ensure her performance isn't compromised. Try doing something like that on a daily basis.

What's amazing about Princess has always been her unrivaled commitment to seeing things through, in spite of the bad weather and rough turbulence she never skipped work, instead rose to prominence by becoming the number one sales agent in her campaign. Her hard work would eventually pay off as she was promoted to Quality Assurance Officer. To this day, she continues to save, never giving up on that dream of one day giving her family the home she never had.

Employees that succeed make us proud, but it is people like her that makes Accentline great.

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