Hey, Tech Enthusiasts! Join us as a Risk Advisory IT Supervisor!

Are you a tech lover? We’re looking for a Risk Advisory IT Supervisor to join our crew. You should have a degree in Computer Science or related field, with about 3 years of techy experience.

Key Skills:

☑ Conducting technology risk assessments

☑ Reviewing and testing application and computer controls

☑ Performing IT compliance audits and SOC 1/SOC 2 reviews

☑ Analyzing system configurations and impacts

☑ Collaborating with teams to plan engagements

☑ Applying project management skills effectively


☑ Bachelor’s degree in Accounting or Computer Science (or Master’s degree with 2 years of experience)

☑ Knowledge of IT governance frameworks

☑ Familiarity with SOC 2 Trust Services Categories

☑ Strong analytical and problem-solving abilities

☑ Excellent report writing and communication skills

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